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The Naked Leader


by Emiliano Maria Cappuccitti





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Year of Publishing: 2023
Pagine: 140

The Book

A Manifesto of authentic, human, and finally, down-to-earth leadership

What is a leader like today? Today is a time marked by rapid obsolescence, contradictions, unforeseen events, and even setbacks. How do they behave? What is their background? And what are their priorities? Setting aside hierarchies, stripped of all the masks they have worn over time, what exactly is beneath a leader?

After the collapse of all the fashions and theories that have come and gone, perhaps the time has come for a different leader. A ‘naked’ leader who stands out, above all, for one thing: they have the humbleness to think of and perceive themselves, and relate to others, as a person, like everyone else. A figure capable of fitting into a work organisation that seems to be moving further away from a vertical system of relationships in favour of a more horizontal one, characterised by distributed leadership.

The Author

Emiliano Maria Cappuccitti

A graduate in Economics, he enriched his education by attending the Imd Business School in Lausanne.
His professional career began in the Fiat Group, as Head of Human Resources at the Mirafiori body shop and then HR manager of Fiat Auto in Nanjing, China.
He is currently Head of People and Culture of Region 2 of Coca-Cola Hbc (14 countries 8 business units).
He was People&Culture Director at Coca-Cola Hbc Italy, previously HR Director at Birra Peroni Sab Miller and Head of HR Commercial at Vodafone.
He has written numerous books, this is his seventh publication.