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Stefano Isella

IIoT Digital Transformation Manager – EXOR INTERNATIONAL


Stefano Isella is the IIoT Digital Transformation Manager at EXOR International. In this role, in addition to constantly developing new solutions and technologies, he accompanies companies through their digitalization journey towards Industry 4.0, using EXOR as an example.
Going through, the often confusing, array of possible technological solutions, he helps companies focus on the implementation of their new business models and find the solution that addresses the problems that
prevent companies from evolving in the right way and speed, while maintaining high standards of quality and performance.

IIoT Digital Transformation Manager | EXOR International

Managing product development strategy and IIoT solutions for the entire Exor International group. Management of partnerships with private and public bodies in the context of Industry 4.0 projects. Analysis of customer requirements and drafting of a development plan and support for the digitalization process using Exor International platform. Management of digitalization projects with international partners such as Intel, Amazon, Microsoft. Management of factory digitalization projects with Digibelt Group (Unifcarco, Recordati, Dana).

General Manager | Embedded by EXOR International

Management of commercial network and international distribution. Responsible for human resources and day-to-day administration.

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